JKS 1 inch Engine Lift

In order to install the Jeep Medic transfer case skid, there were a few things that had to happen first.  The new scrape plate requires a 1 inch motor mount lift and a 1 inch body lift.   Warren had already done a 1 inch body lift, so the 1 inch motor mount lift was next.

Here you can see the lift block.   It will lift the motor by fitting between the motor mount and the frame attaching point.
The first step was to unbolt the old mount from the frame.
Then raise and suport the engine.
The JKS stud is threaded onto the motor mount stud. Note that it did not go on quite all the way.   We took it back off, and put some grease marker on it then threaded it back on.   The JKS stud was not quite deep enough for the motor mount stud.   To remedy it,  we cut a little bit off the end.
Once the JKS stud is in place, you can bolt the motor mount back on with the block in place.
Here you can see the other side in place.

Warren did a 1 inch body lift and so to accomodate the fan shrowd he had to drop the radiator 1 inch.  (the radiator and shrowd attach to the body)

With the 1 inch motor mount lift, the radiator drop was not necessary, so we removed it.

Removing the radiator is a easy process that only takes a few minutes.   It is held in place by 6 bolts.
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