Jeep Medic Fabrication Transfer Case Skid Plate

From the Jeep Medic Site:

The Jeep Medic Fabrication skid is 2 5/8” tall made out of ¼” steel. It is computer plasma cut then bent using a 200 ton press. Skids are available for the Auto and 5-speed. Jeep height gained is 2”.

• Double welded for added strength and penetration of the welds.
• Three ¼” steel gussets welded in place for added strength. One in the front, one in the middle, and one in the rear.
• Five ½” holes for water and dirt drainage.
• 2"+ hole for transfer case drainage.
• Bracket for mounting locker compressor in same location but 2” higher.
• Finished with two coats of Premium Rust-oluem Hammered paint.
• Pre-drilled for the engine skid.

Can you give a rating better than A+ for packaging?
This was some shipping box!   
Here the new plate is.   
1/4 inch steel!
You can see the new recessed transfer case mount with 4 bolt holes.
Here you can see the factory skid.  It should be flat across the bottom, but it is slightly deformed!

Befor you drop the factory scrape plate, remove the mounting bolts for the front and rear differential lock air pumps.

Using a bottle jack, support the transmission in place.   Using a second jack, support the factory scrape plate and remove the 6 bolts that hold the factory scrape.   Once they are free, you can lower and remoce the factory plate.

Here is a shot of the factory scrape plate off the Jeep.   It is really bent up!   On the factory plate, they are left hanging and exposed to rock damage.

Make sure that the 4 bolts on the transfercase mount are in good shape.   Warrens were slightly damaged, so we had to run a die over them to clean them up.

Also clean the threads on the 6 factory bolts.   There have been some problems with the nutserts that Jeep puts into the frame rails.   If they break loose, you have to go to Jeep and have them fixed.   

Raise the new plate up with a jack and attach it to the 4 studs on the bottom of the transfercase mount.

Once they are securely tightened, raise the plate and secure it to the frame rails with the 6 bolts.

We attached the 4 studs first as if you dont, the bolts are slightly too far forward and you cant turn the nuts to tighten them.

(pizza not included in kit)

Attach the air pumps to the new scrape plate.
As you can see it fits nice and tight up to the Jeep.
Here is another shot of the new plate.   This is a big improvement over the lower hanging factory scrape plate.
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