TBT Cage install

I bought a Toys by Troy Sport cage and Rock Bumper from Macs 4x4 Products. I highly recommend him if you are looking for these items. I got the sport cage with the overhead front spreader bars, and the dash spreader bar. The install was pretty straight forward, but I recommend 2 people. It took Mac and I just a couple hours.


Here is the Sport Bar just our of the Box.


The first step is to take off the door surrounds, the padding, and the window trim.


The factory spreader bars need to come off. They are secured with a Security Torx Bolt. It comes out easily with Vise grips.


Here all the stuff is off of the Jeep.


Next the window has to fold down. Be carefull if you have the compass mirror. The harness wasn't long enough to fold the window down all the way. Mac knew to look out for this. If the harness comes unpluged in the dash, it's hard to plug back in.


The cage is assembled off of the jeep. Mac knew to put soap on the joints, so they can be adjusted easily on the Jeep.


Also note the Duck tape holding the spreader bars. Without it, they swing around during installation, and could break something.


Here is the cage in the Jeep, but without the spreader bars in place. Everything is finger tight at this point.


The front of the cage bolts to the dash pillar. It uses the stock hardware.


The spreader bars can be mounted anywhere you like, but leave yourself plenty of headroom. Mine are 17" from the sides. Once you position them, you need to unwrap the factory bar and cut away the foam for the brackets.


You will need to drill holes in the factory bar, and in the front bar of the cage to secure the spreader bar.


Here it is, all done.



I had never folded the window down before. One, I thought it looked funny without a cage in the front. Second, it seemed like a lot of work messing with the door surronds and factory spreaders. The sport cage doesn't tie into the window, so it folds down easily now.