Toyota Tacoma Cigarette Lighter Modification

Have you ever wanted to run something off of the lighter plugs in your Tacoma when the key is off?  I know that I did all the time, but the darn things turn off with the key.   Not to worry, the solution is within easy reach!

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Here are the lighter plugs that we are talking about... don't mind the dirty truck, its hard to keep it clean!

Under the hood you will find a fuse panel, on my 2001 it is near the battery.

Note the relay marked as "PWR OUTLET" in the lower right corner of the fuse diagram.   This is the one we are going to to after.

With the cover off, you can see all of the fuses and relays.   If you ever have a problem, don't forget to check here for blown fuses as well as under the dash.

Remove the relay from the lower right corner that was labeled as "PWR OUTLET" on the cover.

This relay turns the inside lighter sockets on and off with the key.

By inserting a simple jumper, we can turn the lighter outlets on all the time.
Here is a shot with the jumper in place.  Do not try any other combinations, this could do damage!
That's all there is to it!   Now there is one thing that you need to be careful of.... don't leave anything plugged in that can drain your battery!   The outlets will not turn off with the key any more!
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