Kris was installing Energy Suspension steering rack bushings so while we were doing that, we also installed new sway bar bushings.

Installing new sway bar bushings is a 15 minute job that you can do with only a 12mm wrench.

For the instructions that came with the kit click HERE.

Here is the box showing the part number.

There are both 26mm and 27mm sway bars on the Toyota's.   Kris's 02 has a 27mm sway bar.   

Here you can see the drivers side bushing and mount.  
Here is the passenger side.   It is not quite as accessable since the exhaust is in the way.
Remove the two bolts from the top.   Once they are out, the U shaped bracket will come off and you can slip the old bushing off and the new one on.
Once they are on you can reinstall the U bracket and bolts and you are done!
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