In Cab Winch Controller


Due to circumstances beyond our control, this page is under construction. Please check back soon for simple, easy and cheap do it yourself in cab winch controller instructions.

Have you ever wondered how nice it would be to be able to control your winch from inside the cab without having to hook up your controler?   Well now it is cheap and easy for you to install an in cab winch control.


The install was very simple, the hardest part for me was finding a way through the firewall!


I picked up a project box from radio shack and started cutting it up.
Because of my mounting location, I had to cut it up quite a bit!
The rear, showing a sloping cut.
This is where I am going to mount it, so that it is level with the top of the center console.
A test fit.   The project box was then screwed into place.
The switch panel was installed into the project box.
The power wires for the switch light were attached to the closest hot and ground wires: the CB radio leads.
When armed, the switch lights up.
The next step was to route the cable to the winch controler box.   I found a suitable location and drilled a hole in the firewall.
Here you can see the wires coming through (green arrow).   After the install was finished, the hole was caulked to prevent any water from coming through.
The top was removed from the winch controler and the wires from the in-cab controller were attached.   Because different winches have different wiring setups, you will need to check the instructions for your needs.
The cable was routed up and out of the way of the passengers feet.
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