I was tired of all the oil going all over the front suspension components and the scrape plate when I did an oil change.   To solve this problem, I ordered a Fumoto engine oil drain valve.   

Here you can see two of the valves side by side.   When I first ordered the valve for my Tacoma, they sent me the F-104N on the left.  When I looked under the truck, looking at the size of the drain bolt and the size of the valve threads, I knew something was wrong.   I made a call and a few days later I had the correct valve.   

The correct valve for the Tacoma is the F-103N.   The N on the end is for one with a nipple to attach a hose and direct the oil away from everything.   If you don't want a nipple, order the

Installing the valve was easy.   Remove the old drain plug, install the new valve.

There is a safety latch on the valve to prevent it from coming open accidentally.   

With the valve in and the hose on I drained some oil just to see how the flow is.   It is slower, I would guess it will take twice as long to drain the oil as just removing the stock plug.   If I don't have a mess I am OK with that!
I did my first oil change since I installed the Fumoto Valve.   It was slower than just pulling the plug, but not as slow as I had thought it would be.   
I am WAY ok with the increased drain time as it was a clean oil change.   No removing the scrape plates, no oil running everywhere!   It was also easier, as I didn't need any tools to do the oil change.
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