Below are links to old trips that we have taken.  You can click on the picture to see a description and pictures of the trip.

There are some broken links in the trip reports that lead to the raw picture file, I am working on getting these corrected.  If you find any, please drop me an email to pete at parksoffroad dot com and I will make sure they get fixed also.

Exploring the Boggs Mt are with the Santa Rosa 4x4's.   Nice place to camp, hike and ride mt bikes but no really off-road challenges.   They have a small shooting range, but no water access for swimming.
4 Wheel Parts show with the Santa Rosa 4x4s 3-10-2012

Christmas Tree Run 12-11-2011
Monster Jam 2-26-2011
Carnegie 1-9-11
Windsor Car Show 3-7-2010
Monster Jam Oakland 2-27-2010
Fleet Week 2009
Rubicon Day Trip October 3rd 2009
Marlin Crawler Roundup September 2009
Cow Mt. 7-19-09
TLCA Swap Meet July 2009
Mohave Road 2009
Monster Jam Oakland February 28th 2009
Christmas Tree Run December 13th 2008
Cow Mt Trip 9-28-2008 with the Santa Rosa 4x4's
7th Annual Marlin Crawler Roundup September 12th - 14th 2008
Tank Tour 8-2-08
Golden Gate Bridge North Tower Tour 5-28-08
Prarie City Season 2008 Season Opener 4-6-08
Pilsbury Snow Trip 3-15-08
Cal-4 Wheel Convention February 2008, Visalia CA.
Monster Jam, Oakland, 2-2-2008
Prairie City Races 10-28-07

Marin Headlands Battery Townsley grand opening 10-14-2007

Cow Mt. Cleanup September 8/9 2007
Fleet Week 2007 San Francisco
Rubicon Diving Trip 8-18-2007
Cow Mt. 8-4-2007
Tank Tour 3-31-07
Monster Trucks at the Arco Arena in Sacramento, 1-28-07
Winter Fun Fest January 12-14 2007
Pillsbury Trip 12-30-06
Christmas Tree Run December 2006
Marlin Crawler Roundup 2006
Barret Lakes August 25-27 2006

TTORA Takeover 2006

Hot Springs Arkansas, July 2006

Rubicon Trip July 8-14 2006
Easter Jeep Safari 2006
Tamiyacon 2006!
Tanks!  2-25-2006
Santa Rosa 4x4's Bowling Trip 2-18-2006
Cal4Wheel Convention 2-11-2006
Christmas Tree Run 12-10-2005
Carnegie 11-26-2005
Moab 2005

August 2005: Hawaii!!

We went wheeling with a group of Toyota owners in Hawaii.  Lots of pics!

28th Annual Run-A-Muck, July 15th - 16th 2005
Rubicon Trip, July 10th - 13th 2005
Cow Mt. 6-25-2005
Redding 6-18-2005
Hollister Hills Trip 5-14-2005
Southern Utah SUV Trip 3-25 / 4-1-2005
Pillsbury Trip 3-19-2005
Cal4Wheel Convention February 4-6 2005
Winter Fun Fest 2005
New Years Day Lake Pillsbury trip 1-1-2005
Cow Mt. 4x4 Challenge, November 13th, 2004

Cow Mt. Cleanup 11-6-2004

Praire City 10-23-2004

MOAB 2004!

October 12th - 19th 2004

Cow Mt. run, 9-11-2004

TTORA Takeover and Run-A-Muck, July 15th - 19th 2004.

Hollister Hills 6-11 to 6-13-2004

Santa Rosa 4x4's Club Officer Installation BBQ.
Windsor Day Festival and Parade 2004.
Cloverdale Ranch Trip 3-7-2004
Red Dog Bluff / You Bet Road Trip 2-28-2004

Winter Fun Fest January 16th - 18th 2004


New Years Day trip to Lake Pilsbury 2004

Reno Trip December 2003

Covelo Christmas Tree Run November 29th, 2003

Moab October 2003 TTORA

Waves to Wine 2003

Egg City Roundup Car Show

September 28th, 2003

Rubicon Run, 8-22 / 8-24-03

26th Annual Run-A-Muck

July 18th - 19th 2003

Warm Summer Daze car show 7-12 / 7-13 2003

Petaluma Fairgrounds

Cow Mt. Run 7-6-2003

Day Trip 5-25-03.

North Coast Trails NC-1 & NC-2

Mt. St. Helena TV Channel 50 Transmitter Trip January 2001

Mt. St Helena Trip 4-28-2001
Mt. St. Helena Transmitter Trip 9-25-2001

Hollister Hills 9-29-01

Run-A-Muck 7-20-02



Pilsbury New Years Day Trip 1-1-02


Pilsbury Day Trip with Santa Rosa 4X4's  5-15-02
Vegas Trip May 29 / June 3, 2002
Vegas / Logandale Trip, January 2002

Hollister Hills Trip with the Santa Rosa 4X4's, 9-7-02


Hollister Hills Trip with Tacoma Territory Off-Road Association on October 5th, 2002.

Vegas / Comdex Trip 11-15-02 / 11-20-02

Red Rock Canyon



Pilsbury Mud Trip.... November 29th, 2002.


Winter Fun Fest

January 17th, 18th, 19th, 2003



Windsor Day Festival 2003

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