This is Kris with his 02 Toyota Tacoma 4X4 TRD.  Now, not wanting to get in trouble, the truck actually belongs to both Kris and his wife Michelle. (Hi Michelle!)

The truck has only had a few mods at this point: AEM air intake system, a Magnaflow exhaust system, and the tail pipe moved to a higher location, and he has relocated the rear axle breather to higher ground.   Have no fear!  More modifications are on the way!


Kris has added the Old Man Emu suspension system, with 882 coils in the front and new OME leaf packs in the rear.   He has gained about 2.5 inches of lift with this setup.
Kris lives in the city and cannot wheel as often as he likes.   When he gets the urge to wheel, he plays on his own obstacle course, much like the one at Hollister Hills.   Here you can see him on the stair step obstacle....
Here is the latest shot of the truck with the OME lift and BFG 32x12.50-15's on black steel wheels.
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